LOGOS Life Comfortable Chair


A chair with an outstanding sense of stability that allows you to sit deeply with its unique structure.

The reason for the stability and comfortable sitting comfort is the unique structure that separates the fabric on the back and seat. Although it has a high back specification that does not tire the neck, it can sit comfortably and deeply, making it ideal for long-term use. The slim armrests that do not collide with the chair next to it are also attractive. Convergent type for easy portability.

Gross weight: (approx.) 3.8 kg Size: (approx.) Height 93 × Width 51× Depth 71 cm (Seat height 44 cm) Storage size: (Approx.) Length 23 × Width 90 × Height 18 cm
Load capacity: (Approx.) 120 kg

Main material: steel, polyester (PVC coating)

Performance / Features:
・ You can sit deeply with ingenuity on the back, a high-back chair that can be seated comfortably, and a frame structure that emphasizes sitting comfort and stability.