Logo Long Sleeve

By Cayl
Features & Spec

This functional T-shirt is made of fabric made from Kolon ATB yarn. 

ATB yarn is a quick-drying/antibacterial/UV protection material. 

It is made in a lagrang pattern and has no shoulder line. 

It is suitable for outdoor activities. 

The print uses silicone pigments, so cracks do not occur even when stretched. 

1. Material : Polyester 95% Spandex 5% (200g/m*m) 

2. Printing : Silicon silk Screen 

3. Weight : M size 177 g  

* Made in Korea 

* For washing, please check the laundry label.

* Please hand wash the first time by hand. (Slight draining may occur) 

(Do not use the dryer) 

Please refer to the table for detailed sizes. 

It is a product with a relaxed fit.