Large pouch sweat - Lavender

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CHUMS chums
large porch sweat
Large Pouch Sweat
pouch pen case
CH60-2709 CH60-2522

three-dimensional booby bird embroidery cute pouch (L) of

the good soft sweat material of touch in the main, polyester high strength on the inside Uses material.
The large size is a size that fits A5 (book) and is equipped with 3 inner pockets.
The booby embroidered with Sagara, which is buried in a pile and has a voluminous feel, is outstandingly cute.
Not only as a pouch but also as a clutch bag for a little outing.

A new processing agent with water-repellent, oil-repellent, and antifouling properties is used on the surface of the Sweat fabric.
The material has been renewed to be more resistant to water and dirt than before.

Size Details
H 16 XW 25 XD 2cm
Item Details
Material: Sweat
Made in CHINA