G/B Chair For Two


A two-seater low-style chair with wooden armrests for a luxurious feel A two-seater chair that is ideal for low-style seats with a low seating surface. You can enjoy coordinating with the "Grand Basic Chair for 1" of the same series and low tables.

High-quality wooden parts are used for the armrests. Since it is for two people, it can be used by parents and children and couples. A warm chair cover (sold separately) is also available. The way of spending such as autumn camp may be upgraded. 

Withstand load approx. 260 kg

Gross weight: 5.0 kg

Size: 112 x 59 x 72 cm (sitting height 32 cm)

Storage size: 112 x 13 x 62 cm

Estimated load capacity (stationary uniform load): 260 kg

Main material: [Frame] Aluminum [Fabric] Polyester (PVC coating) [Accoudoir] wood