Folding Carry Basket 3 Piece Set


Stackable 3-piece set! Carry container that folds flat.

One of the most difficult aspects of camping is transporting dishes and ingredients from the tent site to the water hole. The polypropylene basket that can be washed completely is easy to use because you can put dirty dishes and wet food in it without worrying about it. With a handle for convenient transportation, stacking is also possible. When not in use, you can fold it and store it flat. It is a set of 3 pieces, 1 large size and 2 mini sizes.

Gross weight: (approx.) 1.5kg
Size: [Large] (Approx.) Width 43.5× Depth 31.5× Height 25cm

[Small] (Approx.) Width 30× Depth 20× Height 15.5cm

Storage size: (Approx.) Length 32.5×Width 44.5× Height 12cm

Load capacity:
[ Large] (approx.) 12 kg [small] (approx.) 3 kg
Main material: polypropylene
performance / Features:

・ Folding container with handle for convenient transportation

・ 3-piece set of 1 large size and 2 mini size

・ Convenient