Kånken Organiser


Kanken Organizer is the solution for those of you who spend too much time looking for things in the bottom of your favourite backpack keys, travel cards, etc. This smart organizer with pockets and pen holders makes it easy to keep small items organized. The back section is inserted in the inside back pocket of your Kanken. Fits Kanken, Kanken 15", Kanken 17" and Kanken No.2, as well as other backpacks of the same size with an inside back pocket.

Family: Kanken
Gender: Unisex


*Two zippered pockets and two pen holders.
*Compartment for A4 documents.
*Easily inserted into the sleeve at the back of Kanken's main compartment.
*Can be removed and taken with you.
*Fits Kanken, Kanken 15", Kanken 17", Knken No.2, etc.


*Material: 100% polyamide
*Height: 31 cm
*Width: 27 cm
*Depth: 0,5 cm
*Weight: 125 g