Drum Shape Party Cooler Bag


15mm insulation! A high-performance cooler that is waterproof and ice-water OK.

The new cooler using 15mm insulation material has excellent cold retention performance. Since a waterproof fabric is used inside that does not leak water, you can put drinks in ice water and cool them, making it suitable for scenes where people gather, such as parties. It has a bottle opener, so you don't have to worry if you forget it. Compatible with XL size sub-zero packs.

Total weight: (approx.) 830g
Capacity: (approx.) 26L
Size: (approx.) width 35× depth 35 × height 38cm
Inner size: (approx.) width 32× depth 32 × height 33 cm Heat
insulation: (approx.) 15 mm
Main material: Polyester (TPU coating), PEVA

● Lightweight & large capacity soft cooler
● Waterproof fabric that does not leak inside

● Freezing Pack XL compatible size