The Glowing Visibility Lightstick has an elegant 360-degree glow to make you visible and safe in traffic. Whether you’re on the way to the subway, out with the dog, or want your kids to be safer outside, the Lightstick makes you be seen by others from afar.

Compared to regular reflectors, the Lightstick is visible without an external light source, such as car headlights. The high-quality build means it’s waterproof and sturdy. While the clip means you can attach it securely on your jacket zipper, bag or your dog’s collar.

To reduce the risk of a sudden blackout, the Lightstick is equipped with a smart power control that automatically reduces brightness. By lowering the battery usage, the light will fade to maximize runtime.

For Lightstick Bookman Urban Visibility has been awarded Honorable Mention Prize in European Products Design Award.

Lightstick awarded European Product Design Award

Tech Spec 

Water resistant
Rechargeable with Micro-USB
Different modes
Fade out function

Up to 13 hours

Package contents
1 x Lightstick 
70 x 15 mm