CHUMS Folding Wagon


Outdoor wagon for camping and leisure essentials, convenient for transporting luggage

An outdoor wagon that is convenient for camping and leisure and transporting luggage. When not in use, compact convergence is possible. When converging, pull up the handle in the center of the bottom surface, move the main body to the center, and wrap it around with the included tape, so even women can easily handle it.

〈Product specifications〉
・ Load capacity: about 100 kg
・ Body weight: about 12 kg
・ Foldable insoles are included, even if you load peeled luggage ◎
・ The fabric is removable
・ Storage cover is included
・ Storage cover has a pocket for storing insoles

〈About frame specifications〉
The dents provided in the frame are specifications to make the frame vertically vertical. This dent makes assembly and folding smoother.