Booby Petit Pouch Sweat

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Idiot, cute, booby bird motif petite pouch

〈Material characteristics〉 Mainly made of
soft sweat material, and the back side is made of high-strength polyester material. The surface of the sweatshirt uses the "Asahi Guard E-SERIES" processing agent with water, oil, and fouling repellency properties, making it resistant to water and dirt.

〈Product specifications〉 ・Can be used as a small pouch or coin case ・Cute design
with a booby bird motif ・Adopts a puller inspired by a booby bird egg

with a D-can on the top that is convenient for attaching a carabiner ・ It is also recommended to pair it with a larger booby pouch (Booby Pouch Sweat)
・ For storing coins, earphones, candy, medicine, etc.