Booby Mini Skillet 3.5 Inch


Mini size of skillet, iron plate. 

It's made of iron, so it's lightweight. It's stackable so it's easy to carry. The bottom is engraved with Boobies Bird. It can be used not only on an open flame, but also in a home oven, toaster, or grilled fish.

Size details

Size: H 3.0 x W 8.9cm 

Contents: 200ml

Weight: 107g (Main body)

Item details

Material:  Iron 1.2mm (Silicon clear coating)


・ IH non-compliant (however, IH grill can be used)

・ Microwave oven cannot be used

The paint on the surface may peel off with use, but there is no problem in use. If the paint comes off, apply a thin coat of oil and store it in the same way as a general iron cookware to prevent rust.

・It cannot be used on a gas stove. 

* In addition, please be sure to check the handling instructions on the back of the package before use. *