Booby Egg Salt & Pepper


Egg & spice case that is very useful in camping and convenient to carry

It is a storage case for "eggs" that are indispensable for camping dishes. Up to 6 eggs can be stored. Eggs of about M size are just right and can be held firmly and stored. It can also be used as a spare holder in the refrigerator, making it a useful item on a daily basis.
The egg-shaped spice case (set of 2) is ideal for storing salt and pepper. It fits perfectly in the egg case and can be carried with the egg. Don't miss the playful design as if a booby bird was born from an egg.

Product specifications 

Egg case: H 7.5 x W 15 x L 11cm 

Spice case: H 5.5cm (diameter 4.8cm)

Material: Polypropylene / ABS

* It may not fit well depending on the size of the egg.
* For small eggs, wrap them in a paper bag.