Bamboo Side Table


A side table that is just right for low-style camping

Uses natural wood (bamboo) with an attractive natural texture. A compact size and highly versatile product. The legs are foldable, and the top plate has a laser-processed booby bird logo. Ideal for placing next to a chair for relaxing time, as a workbench for cooking or bonfire, or for placing a water jug ​​or lantern instead of a shelf. Recommended for home interiors. 

Product specifications 

Size Details: H 31 x W 40 x D 60cm

When stored: H 3 x W 40 x D 60cm

Weight: 2.4kg

Load capacity: Approx. 10kg

Body: Top plate / Natural bamboo laminated lumber Legs / Aluminum alumite processing
Storage case: Polyester

- The legs are slightly shorter to make the storage compact and to raise the height of the table. It is designed for. Please note that the table may fall if a heavy object is placed only on the edge.