6 Place Dinnerware Set in Box

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Compact storage of tableware sets for 6 people! Portable tableware set BOX

A convenient tableware set with chopsticks and a spoon for 6 people is now available, perfect for use in large families and parties. The included box case can store everything together, and it can be carried to the kitchen as well as storing prepared ingredients during cooking.

Total weight: (approx.) 1.26kg
Size / Capacity: [Case] (Approx.) Width 22× Depth 21.5× Height 21.5cm [Plate] (Approx.) Diameter 22cm [Bowl] (Approx.) Diameter 18× Height 4cm / (Approx.) 460ml [Cup] (Approx.) Diameter 8×Height 8.7cm
(Approx.) 320ml

[Chopsticks] (approx.) 19cm [Spoon] (approx.) 15.5cm

Storage size: (approx.) width 22× depth 21.5 × height 21.5 cm
Configuration: 6 plates× 6 ×bowls, 6 cups, ×6 cups, 6 × spoons, 6 chop×sticks, case
main material: [plate, bowl, cup, spoon, Case] Polypropylene
[chopsticks] Polystyrene
performance / Features
・ Tableware set for 6 people with chopsticks

・ Smart storage in a dedicated BOX case

・ Easy to move to the washing area after use in the box